Call of Duty:Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4


When Activision released their latest game of the Call of Duty franchise they expected sales to be less than Black Ops II. Ghosts is a huge disappointment to XBOX 360 gamers. Lag is a big factor as well as confusing layouts and configuration of operations. Graphics are OK, but nothing spectacular. Enemies cannot be easily seen, nor can it be easily determined where you were hit from. COD:BOII has just about as many players online for multiplayer as Ghosts. Black Ops is about half and who knows where MW3 is in the mix.

Looks like Battlefield 4 is the new franchise to be on top for first person shooters. The dynamic graphics and various maps make it a hit for all gamers. Players may fly planes and helicopters or navigate the seas in boats. The only confusing thing with BF4 is the layout configuration and multiplayer game servers. Tough to find exactly what you want where you want it, but once in the game, the play has a better more versatile feel than COD:Ghosts.

Ghosts online multiplayer gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. First, the lag is rediculous. From the first person vantage, you may shoot your enemy three to 6 (3-6) times before their gun comes up from pointing to the ground and guess what, you are dead. In hardcore, this is utterly asinine. Also in hardcore, you may shoot the enemy dog four to six times before you kill it, but when it attacks, you are often dead before it even reaches you or lunges at you.

Seriously, this game was released a year ahead of its optimal readiness.

Battlefield 4, however, is clearly more refined and less laggy. When you gun comes up in multiplayer, the bullets are ready and able to kill the enemy upon trigger squeeze. Enemies are typically dead when shot with one to two bullets.